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        CW-1310 Wood Laser Cutter for Sale with Best Price

        lazer machine to cut wood

        Wood types suitable for laser engraving and cutting

        • Chipboard

        • Cork

        • HDF

        • MDF

        • Multiplex

        • Natural wood

        • Plywood

        • Precious woods

        • Solid wood, solid timber

        • Veneers

        +86 18361445350


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        CW-1310 Wood Laser Cutter for Sale with Best Price

        Laser wood cutting machine is an awesome laser cutting equipment that adopts CO2 laser souce to cut wood (softwood, hardwood, solid wood, plywood), MDF, bamboo, acrylic, leather, fabric and other nonmetal materials. The cutting ability depends on the CO2 laser power, we have 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 280W and 300W and other CO2 laser powers for option, you can choose different laser power and different table size to fit your wood cutting and engraving works. Laser wood cutting machine is also called as wood laser cutting machine, laser wood cutter, wood laser cutter, laser wood cutter machine. 


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