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        CW-1592TH-AB automatic insole cut machine

        Middle floor cutting machine laser cutting machine

        Chanxan's first patented product, the exclusive technology can perfectly cut 3mm thick midsole plate Move the countertops to greatly increase production efficiency Intelligent typography cuts small seams and saves materials up to 20% Beautiful cut, material cut is not black.   

        +86 18361445350


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        1. Chanxan's first patented product, exclusive technology can perfectly cut 3mm thick midsole plate

        2. Move the countertops to each other, greatly improving production efficiency

        3. non-contact cutting, product more standard

        4. intelligent typesetting slits, saving materials up to 20%

        5. the cut is beautiful, the material is cut black

        6. one-stop solution for grading, typesetting and cutting, so that production is worry-free

        7. no need for die, cost savings and fast proofing

        8. the operation is simple and easy to learn, no safety production hidden dangers  


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