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        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        Garment cutting machine fabric hot cutting machine laser engraving machine

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        2020 hot sale 1610 auto focus co2 laser cutting machines for MDF acrylic

        High precision: With Panasonic servo motor and fully enclosed dust-proof belt drive system, the cutting precision is higher.

        High reliability: The core components are internationally renowned brands.

        Ultra-low operating costs: Operating costs are less than 15 RMB / hour.

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        Features of 1610 Double heads 100w CO2 CNC CCD Camera Scanning Laser Cutting Machine:


        (1)Motor: Three phase subdivision step motor and driving system from LEADSHINE.

        (2)Main board: LCD, DSP intelligent main board; work offline, can transfer the data by USB cable, U-disk, Net cable, without extra computer.

        (3)Laser: 130w/150w laser tube

        (4)Work table: blade strip plate

        (5)Guide rail: Outward sliding guide rail, inward sliding guide rail, integrated frame structure

        (6)Lens: Original laser mirror from Singapore, adjustable laser head           

        (7)Belt: Imported original transmission belt(Tank chain).

        (8)Three protection function: safety protection, filter protection, water protection.

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER

        CW-1610 CO2 LASER CUTTER


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