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        Fiber Laser Solar Cell Scribing Machine For Cutting Splitting Silicon Wafer

        Ceramic Circuit Board Depaenling and Cutting with Laser Technology


        Lasers can cut many types of ceramic materials. The most common is alumina silicate (Al2SiO5), which requires either full ablation or the scribe-and-break technique. Each has its own advantages depending on your application’s requirements.

        Unlike other methods, ceramic laser cutting achieves precise heat control to cut detailed patterns. Other advantages include:

        • No contact. Unlike diamond cutting, you don’t have to replace saws. Lasers also avoid placing mechanical stress on parts.

        • Precise control. The laser’s focused, localized energy achieves very narrow cuts with small kerf widths. Detailed, intricate patterns are also possible.

        • No consumables. Unlike water jet cutting, laser cutting doesn’t require extra consumables or disposables.

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        Integrated economic efficiency

        The Machine CS-0605 series is a valuable tool in the electronics laboratory. The compact laser system produces precise, fine structures for demanding PCBs in a very short time - as single pieces or small series, without masks or tools. Using a special process, the CS-0605 quickly removes large copper areas from laminated substrates such as FR4. The the CS-0605 also delivers excellent results on special materials for RF applications.


         Laser Cutting of Circuit Boards of Polyimide

        Large process window

        The laser wavelength used opens up additional areas of application. The green laser (wavelength 532 nm) reduces the sensitivity to burns of the carrier substrate. The CS-0605 also processes plated-through boards with up to 6 μm strong inhomogeneities. In addition, the CS-0605  can economically cut and drill rigid or flexible substrates up to a thickness of 0.8 mm. Larger substrate thicknesses require more time.

        Vision System

        The integrated high-resolution camera quickly and accurately detects register marks or conductor structures on the board.

        Software in a package

        The intuitive CAM software is pre-installed on the integrated computer. It optimizes CAD data for the laser process and offers comprehensive access to the process parameters. An extensive parameter library for many common and exotic materials supports the operator in his own projects.

        Modern design for the laboratory

        The CS-0605 packs smart solutions for operation and maintenance. The system fits on rollers through any laboratory door and makes no further demands on the laboratory apart from compressed air.


        UV Laser Scribing Machine Cell Laser Cutting Machine

        UV Laser Scribing Machine Cell Laser Cutting Machine


        UV Laser Scribing Machine Cell Laser Cutting Machine 


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