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        Best brands of non metal laser machines

        Publish Time: Apr. 01, 2020


        CO2 laser cutter is a CNC laser machine that uses CO2 laser to cut wood, MDF, plywood, chipboard, dieboard, cardborad, acrylic, fabric, jeans, plastic.

        CO2 laser cutting machine is also called carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, which is a very widely used model in the current market. In the current market, this model is mainly used in laser cutting of non-metal materials, and it is widely used in production and daily processing. The following is the principle of carbon dioxide laser cutting machine from Chanxan Laser and its application range. Let us briefly introduce this model.

        Best brands of non metal laser machines

        The CO2 laser cutting machine is called a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine because it mainly uses a carbon dioxide laser as the main processing and emission principle. This type of laser is a laser using gas molecules. This model mainly uses carbon dioxide gas as the main gas processing core, with nitrogen and oxygen gas as the core. The wavelength of the laser is approximately 10.6 microns, and the stable performance is relatively good. The energy conversion can reach 25%, which can achieve a high-energy light-transmitting gas.

        Best brands of non metal laser machines

        In the current Chinese market, we generally say that CO2 laser cutting machines mainly refer to CO2 glass tube lasers, but in the process of daily life processing, there is another type of CO2 lasers, which are RF tube cutting machines and metal tube laser cutting machines. Compared with the two laser cutting machines, the glass tube laser cutting machine is not very stable during use, and the service life is relatively short. However, in the current market, low-cost glass tube laser cutting machines are more economical and occupy a major market in the current market.

        Best brands of non metal laser machines

        In current use, the CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used in non-metallic materials, such as cloth, acrylic or leather, etc. In addition, there are plastics and some glass products. These products are much worse than fiber laser cutting machines for metal products such as steel products. So it is much worse in cutting metal.

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