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        cnc laser cutting machine

        Publish Time: Nov. 27, 2019


        2019 China Factory 2000W CNC Laser Cutter Fiber/CO2 Laser Cutting or Engraving Machine for Sheet Metal Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Cutting

        The acrylic plates produced by the factory are of uniform size and shape. To be suitable for the processing of various products, they must first be cut. "Acrylic cutting" is to cut and process acrylic. Because acrylic is easy to process, the processing method is convenient. There are also many kinds of cutting methods.

        Woodworking machinery can only cut rules. It can't cut with arc. CNC can cut anything, but the cost is high. If it is processed, it can also be processed by down foot machine and router. At present, the more popular is laser cutting.

        Good cutting quality

        Non-contact cutting, the cutting edge is less affected by heat, and basically there is no thermal deformation of the workpiece, which completely avoids the slump formed during the punching of the material, and the cutting seam generally does not require secondary processing.


        Not affected by the hardness of the material being cut

        The laser can process steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, hard alloys, etc., regardless of the hardness, it can be cut.

        Laser processing is very flexible, can process arbitrary graphics, can also cut pipes and other profiles.


        High precision

        Positioning accuracy is 0.06mm, repeat positioning accuracy is 0.03 mm


        Narrow slit

        The laser beam is focused into a relatively small light spot, so that its focal point will reach a high power density. The material will soon be heated to the extent of vaporization, and holes will be formed during evaporation.

        The cutting surface has no burrs, and the roughness of the cut surface is generally controlled within Ra11.6


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