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        laser cut sponge

        Publish Time: Apr. 01, 2020


        Polymer based foam can be cut most effectively using a CO2 laser. The laser beam heats the material directly in its path, causing it to vaporize.

        Electronic materials, printing and packaging, plastic packaging, leather, toys, automobiles, decoration, EVA and all kinds of foam, pearl cotton, sponge, silicone, rubber, double-sided tape, precision electronic gaskets, mylar sheets, name plates, Flexible circuit boards, etc.


        Foam is a soft polymer material with cellular pockets formed by trapped gas. As the material is easily damaged and compressed, laser cutting foam is the ideal processes to use when fabricating components. Laser cut foam is typically used as models or packing materials. In addition, laser engraving is available.

        laser cut spongelaser cut spongelaser cut sponge
        laser cut spongelaser cut spongelaser cut sponge

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