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        Laser cutting machine for more refined metal lighting

        Publish Time: Mar. 06, 2020


        In recent years, driven by intelligent and automated high-tech, the smart home industry has entered a period of rapid development. As a result of intelligent development in the field of lighting in the Internet era, smart lighting has provided new lighting solutions for cities and homes. It is predicted that the scale of China's intelligent lighting market will exceed 40 billion yuan in 2022.

        Laser cutting machine for more refined metal lighting

        The light can pass through and through the lampshade to form different light and shadow effects. The lampshade created by the laser cutting machine can achieve different display effects depending on people. A laser cutting machine is used to leave a cut on the lampshade, and the user can decide where to hollow out, thereby creating countless light and shadow modes. After the finished lamp, the paper and the metal frame are fixed to each other into a whole.

        Laser cutting machine is flexible, fast, one-time forming, no need to open the mold, suitable for processing stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass and copper and other highly anti-metallic materials, can help manufacturers to achieve artistic creation and personalization Customization, small batch customization. Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cutting machine can cut better quality workpieces and reduce the number of processing steps.

        Specific advantages of laser cutting machine used in metal lighting processing industry

        Laser cutting technology belongs to non-contact processing. It uses high-density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to achieve melting. The slag is blown away by high-pressure gas to complete the cutting action. The whole process belongs to numerical control processing without contact and deformation.

        The laser cutting machine is completely free from the complexity of the pattern, the processing speed is very fast, the precision is high, and the cutting end is beautiful. Refined and high-end.

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