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        laser foam cutting machine

        Publish Time: Sep. 23, 2019


        laser cutting sponge

        laser foam cutting machine

        Detailed description of the soft sponge laser cutting machine:
        product description
        Laser-cut sponges offer unparalleled advantages over other cutting methods. The laser cutting sponge is not limited by the shape of the graphic, and can cut almost any graphic, and the cutting effect is good, the cutting speed is fast, and the operation is simple. CW-1325 laser cutting machine is indeed the best choice for sponge cutting method of soft bag sliding door and soft bag background wall.

        laser foam cutting machineCW-1325 laser cutting machine is widely used in home decoration industry and furniture manufacturing enterprises such as soft bag sliding door, background wall soft bag, etc. It can also be used for Osong board photo frame cutting, acrylic sheet cutting and bamboo wood material engraving.
        1. The open design of the worktable facilitates the placement of materials.
        2. The software is installed on CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and a menu is generated on CorelDraw and AutoCAD, which realizes seamless connection with CorelDraw and AutoCAD software.
        3. Advanced DSP control technology makes the system faster; the control system adopts smooth curve speed regulation, which makes the machine run more smoothly, reduces the noise of the whole machine and prolongs the service life of the machine!
        4. Set the laser automatic water protection function to ensure the safe operation of the laser.

        laser foam cutting machine5. Precise and perfect engraving and cutting
        (1) The slit is very smooth and bright, no need for polishing, no dust, no noise, no need for secondary grinding, and less cutting waste.
        (2) Freely design graphics through the computer, any curve can be cut continuously and quickly.
        (3) The laser engraving process is fine, and can satisfy the engraving of graphic files of different pixels. For example, BMP images can directly engrave portraits, and the pixels are fine and clear.
        6. Easy to operate man-machine interface
        (1) Color screen display, it is very convenient to find processed documents.
        (2) The editing and modification of the convenient path, the user can freely retrieve the storage file
        (3) It can be “paused”, “continued” or “stopped” during processing. All operations can be completed directly on the control panel, and the operation is simple and convenient.

        laser foam cutting machine

        laser foam cutting machine

        7. Using imported optical lens, the reflection efficiency is high and the focusing effect is good.
        8. Configure high-quality imported linear guides, stepper motors and timing belts to ensure high-speed engraving and cutting quality.
        9. The machine frame design ensures the stability and engraving effect of the laser cutting machine.

        laser foam cutting machine

        10. The smoke exhausting and blowing device is provided with an independent control switch on the operation panel. The smoke exhausting and blowing functions are used only when needed, which is convenient for operation and saves electricity and saves cost.
        11. Configure the honeycomb workbench to ensure that the material cutting effect is not affected by the workbench.
        12. The operation panel is equipped with an ammeter to keep track of the working condition of the laser.

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