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        pcb etcher machine

        Publish Time: Oct. 06, 2021


        New PCB laser splitting method can improve process utilization.

        Technological changes in PCB materials, thickness and composition have prompted the industry to shift from the traditional mechanical cutting and splitting method to the laser cutting process. However, the lasers used for PCB sub-boards cannot be exactly the same, and there are obvious differences in the cutting characteristics and cutting quality of different lasers, especially in the heat-affected zone. This in turn will also affect the process utilization, because these factors determine the distance between the circuits on the PCB, and also affect the circuit function and downstream processes such as waterproof treatment and EMI shielding treatment. This article introduces a new type of nanosecond laser and related cutting processes developed by Chanxan. Compared with other existing products, this new process can greatly reduce the heat-affected zone when laser cutting PCB.

        pcb etcher machine

        Laser sub-board technology has brought many advantages, and PCB manufacturers have taken this technology to the extreme to meet increasingly stringent challenges in terms of size, material, and cost. The areas currently under active research and development include: further reducing the formation of heat-affected zones and burrs, and improving the cutting quality of nanosecond UV solid-state lasers.


        In order to help achieve this goal, Chanxan used nanosecond high pulse energy ultraviolet solid-state lasers (AVIA LX) in application research to cut different PCBs and composite materials and obtained a variety of processing effects and process windows, and developed a new cutting PCB Method, and it has been proved that this method can reduce the heat-affected zone, make the cutting edge smoother, the cut width is narrower and the cutting efficiency is higher.

        pcb etcher machine

        When cutting with the Chanxan AVIA LX laser, it can make full use of the pulse energy of up to 400μJ to scribe repeatedly along the same line, without the need for V grooves, so the cutting speed is faster and the cut width is significantly reduced.


        In the actual processing process, the PCB board needs to be moved, or a three-axis galvanometer with focusing function is additionally used. Either way, it will greatly affect the overall processing efficiency and schedule, increase equipment costs and operational complexity.


        The advantage of AVIA LX is that the cutting speed is faster and the system is simpler.

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