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        wafer laser marking

        Publish Time: Oct. 28, 2021



        Today's miniaturization development trend of devices puts forward strict requirements on all aspects of product manufacturing. As the chip size becomes smaller and smaller, the characters of the mark also decrease, which requires higher and higher position accuracy.

        wafer laser marking

        Chanxan Laser firmly grasps this industry trend and is the first to carry out extensive research and application in wafer marking.

        wafer laser marking

        The coated wafer has extremely high requirements for equipment configuration and performance, and Chanxan still has a very good marking effect in this regard.

        Here is an introduction to a professional wafer marking equipment-the fully automatic wafer laser marking system CX600.

        Incoming material box type, suitable for 6 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch wafer DIE marking

         wafer laser marking

        Using green or ultraviolet lasers, the focused spot is relatively small, which is a non-contact marking

        The whole system adopts computer control, Windows operating platform, self-developed software, easy to use

        The whole machine has a high degree of automation, with automatic error alarm function

        The main structure of the equipment includes automatic loading and unloading device, visual inspection device, smoke exhaust device, main beam lifting, etc.

        Marking system: green light, ultraviolet (optional)

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