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        laser carpet cutting machine

        Publish Time: Oct. 19, 2021


        laser carpet cutting machine

        Carpets are household items that people of all ages like, and there are many very exquisite carpets in our Great Hall of the People. It is a handicraft with a long history in our country and is widely used in various places such as houses, hotels, cars, airplanes, etc. , Has many effects such as beauty, noise reduction, heat insulation and decorative lights. Carpets are so practical and common in our lives and work. Many of the carpets are cut with laser cutting machines. In the traditional production process, laser cutting machines have obvious advantages.

        laser carpet cutting machine

        Traditional carpet making is generally carried out by manual cutting, electric shears or knife molds. The manual speed is slow, the efficiency is low, the cutting is flawed, the repair rate and the rejection rate are high, and the complicated route is often prone to problems, which requires secondary trimming. Manual cutting of the carpet is very cumbersome and costly.

        laser carpet cutting machine

        With the emergence of laser cutting machines in the Chinese market, from the initial disapproval, many carpet manufacturers have also introduced this kind of laser numerical control equipment. The application of laser in carpet cutting is non-contact light processing. The whole process adopts software control, which can carry out very complicated cutting. At the same time, the development of laser cutting machines has also made the decoration of carpet carvings and carpet mosaics easier. Various beautiful and practical carpets are used in various places. We can also see Chanxan laser cutting machines in many places. We produce doorway carpets, corridor carpets, car mats, etc.

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