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        lazer shoes machine

        Publish Time: Dec. 11, 2020


        With the development of shoe manufacturing industry, the traditional technology rely on industrial automation more and more, Unified standard for crafts, high efficiency, low defective percentage and so on push shoes enterprises to use automatic machines. 

        lazer shoes machine

        Today, I summarized some laser applications in shoes manufacturing industry. 

        The laser applications can be concluded as 3 aspects :

        lazer shoes machine

        1. Laser cutting for upper and insole board

        2. Laser marking & engraving for Sole, upper, label. 

        3. Laser perforating & hollowing for uppers

        lazer shoes machine

        With national sport become more and more popular, different kinds of sport shoes come into the market. Here I need to mention the leaders of sport shoes Adidas and Nike. Both of these two companies adopt the automatic machines for production in this industry.

        Laser cutting is one of laser application

        With laser cutting for various kinds of uppers, like fly-knit, knitted fabric, mesh, etc., there is no frayed edge, no yellow and no burning edge, and cutting edge can be sealed automatically. Patten cutting can be fast with laser machine. 

        Through various kinds of software systems, such as camera positioning, projector positioning and automatic feeding, you can quickly cut the uppers that you need. 

        Sole marking application

        The sole is very important for a pairs of good shoes; no matter they are sport shoes or leather shoes. There is always a personalized design that can touch you.

        Sole laser marking can achieve many personalized crafts with high speed and without consumable parts. It takes few seconds to make a pairs of shoe. Is it a very magical and high-end design?

         Upper engraving, hollowing

        lazer shoes machine

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