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        UV Laser Wafer Dicing Machine

        Publish Time: Oct. 19, 2021


        At present, with the gradual maturity and stability of ultraviolet lasers, the laser processing industry has shifted from infrared lasers to ultraviolet lasers. At the same time, the application of ultraviolet lasers is becoming more and more popular, and laser applications are moving towards a broader field. The working principle of the UV laser cutting machine is UV laser wafer cutting. The surface of the sapphire substrate is hard, and it is difficult to cut by the general cutter wheel, and the wear is large, the yield is low, and the cutting path is larger than 30 μm, which not only reduces the use area, And it reduces the output of the product. Driven by the blue-and-white LED industry, the demand for sapphire substrate wafer cutting has greatly increased, and higher requirements have been put forward for improving productivity and finished product yield.

        UV Laser Wafer Dicing Machine

        In fact, the application of ultraviolet laser in the field of semiconductor chip processing mainly includes: chip cutting, wafer drilling micro-holes, wafer marking, laser adjustment of thin film resistance, laser measurement, laser etching, deep ultraviolet projection lithography, etc. In these applications, in order to adapt to the continuous development of large-scale production, from the perspective of output and cost, traditional die separation technology is no longer practical, and ultraviolet laser cutting technology will become an application with great potential. The key technology of the application. It also makes us more convinced of the success of this technology.

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