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        Laser Hitsauskone Hinta

        Fiber Laser Welding Machine 600W

        Widely used in welding thin stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, gold, silver, iron, aluminum, other sheet metals and metal tubes. 

        • Best fiber laser beam

        • High quality welding seam

        • High welding speed and without consumables

        +86 18361445350


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        laser welding machine cheap laser soldering machine price gold laser welding machine

        laser welding machine cheap laser soldering machine price gold laser welding machine

        Laser spot welding machine is ideal for making precision welding to avoid loss of weight and without impacting the finish of the sample. Also spot welding provides adequate strength to the work piece. 

        Chanxan offers laser spot welding soldering machines which is widely used for golf head, electronic component repair, spot welding for blowhole and so on. The spot welding is steady with low distortion levels, super- efficient and non-pollution and energy saving. 

        With touch screen operation its easy to operate and specially designed panel makes it easy to setup the unit energy, pulse width, frequency and facula can be adjusted within a wide range to achieve different welding effects.

        Parameters are adjusted by the control rod in the sealed cavity, simple and efficient ceramic focusing cavity imported from the u.k. Is employed, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, efficient in electrical optical conversion the focusing cavity's service life is 8 to 10 years, and the service life of the xenon lamp is over 8 million times world-leading automatic light shielding system is employed to remove stimulation of light on eyes during operation 24-hour continuous operation, with stable operating performance, and free from maintenance within 10000 hours personalized design in compliance with ergonomics principles applicable to material and fields perforation and spot welding of sand hole for gold and silver jewelries, gold and silver jewelries processing, and welding of small-sized parts.

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