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        Medical instruments,Surgical instruments,Orthopedic or trauma surgery implants

        | Suitable materials for marking lasers

         Suitable materials for marking lasers

        • Titanium and titanium alloys

        • Stainless steel

        • High-alloy steel

        • Coated metals

        • Ceramic

        • Plastics (e.g. PEEK for implants)

        Medical Device

        "Unique Device Identification" or UDI depends on ISO compliant customary codes, that ought to be fixed on technology in the medical sector and surgical instrumentation.Laser markings are resistant to acids, cleaners or bodily fluids. As labeling is in process, the surface structure remains unchanged, allowing surgical instruments to be efficiently kept clean and sterile. The patient also remains safe throughout although the implants remain in the body for longer periods.

        | surgical instruments medical technology implants laser marking barcode serial number sterile

        Laser marking surgical instruments, medical inst


        Laser marking medical and surgical instruments


        Laser marking is permanent and non-toxicMedical devices can be engraved with logos, serial numbers, barcodes and QR Code so as to have their own unique identifier. Results are non-intrusive and devoid of corrosion phenomena.

        ruments and implants. Non-contact labels with barcodes and serial numbers.

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